Hi, I’m Christie! Let me be the first to welcome you to my site, Simple & Homemade!

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When thinking back to how this whole cooking thing started, I had to take a moment of deep reflection. My love for cooking and baking started after I struggled with an eating disorder for over 6 years while training and dancing professionally. It was through this personal journey where I was introduced to the studies of holistic nutrition and herbs for healing my mind and body. In this season of “healing” I learned to retrain my brain to develop a healthier relationship towards food. My mantras became: Food is not the enemy. Food is not bad. Everything in moderation. Cooking at home became my therapy and gave me the comfort of not only knowing what I was eating, but provided me with the power to choose what I was going to put into my body. Today, nearly 20 years later, healthy cooking continues to be my therapy though on occasion I will venture out of my comfort zone and make some not-so-healthy items (everything in moderation, right?).

For years I have created, collected and shared my recipes ranging from healthy home cooked meals, to homemade ice cream, to bread (I LOVE bread!). The herbal part of me still enjoys making my own homemade products so you will also find these shared here, but they are not the meat and potatoes of my site (you like what I did there?). By the way, I am a pescatarian with vegan/vegetarian tendencies. I haven’t eaten regular meat since a bet when I was 15 years old. Ironically, my children and husband eat chicken and turkey, so I do cook them. Despite my not tasting any of their meals, I’m told I’m the best non-meat eating cooker of meat. My daughter is the in-house taste tester for these specific situations.

Having a Masters in Public Health, I understand first hand how the obesity epidemic impacts the health and lives of many people (mainly African Americans) and their families. This site is born out of my desire to combine my two loves of healthy cooking and public health, helping to educate and encourage families to “return to the kitchen.” More work needs to be done in this area, but studies have shown people who prepare home-cooked meals are less likely to be obese because they see what they are putting into their meals vs picking up a boxed dinner and tossing it in the microwave.

I do my best to make everything from scratch, and when I can’t, I try to be consciously aware of what I purchase and use. Time management plays a huge role in what I am able to do, as well as the support from my husband because he does all of the grocery shopping. By no means am I perfect, but I firmly believe in order to reclaim the health of ourselves and families, it begins in the kitchen.

I am more than happy to spend hours in the kitchen with good music to do just this!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss my journey offline, I welcome you to contact me at christie@simpleandhomemade.com.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will stay a while!

Christie R. Edwards, MPH